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  • A Rumen Protected Fat in the form of Calcium salts of fatty acids. It has a high melting point and it is stable in all weather conditions.
  • It is does not interfere with fiber feeding to digestion in the rumen ans dissociates itself into fatty acids and free calcium ion in abomasum. The product is in free flowing granular form with low levels of powder content and is light brown in color.
  • It can be used as it is or with combination with Activa TG to provide optimum performance as a fattening fat, to increase weight and result in excellent carcass quality.
  • Functions & benefits:
    •   improve body condition.
    •   flexible in ration formulation.
    •   provide additional energy without sacrificing fiber intake.
    •   light in colour and lower odour for better palatability.
    •   improve milk yield.
    •   increase butter fat.
    •   improve reproductive performance.
    •   reducing risk of disease.



  • A wholesome Calcium salt with hiher Palmitic Acid.
    •   More C16 to increase milk fats.
    •   Optimum C18:1 and C18:2 to improve fertility.
    •   No effects on DMI.
    •   High Palatable.
    •   No offensive smell.
  •  Contains all vital fatty acids.
  •  A pleasant bright in color fatty acid fractions.
    •   Developed with research inputs, advanced manufacturing support & unique fatty acid fractions.
    •   Recent research inputs suggest individual fatty acids influence milk production, body fat and fertility*. 
  • Offers increased palmitic acid content in your compound feed without compromising pellet quality, which is usually seen when high C16 products are incorporated.
  • It can be mixed with other ingredients as top up feed and total mixed ration.
  • It is available in granules and pellets.
  • It is non GMO and BSE free feed material. It is manufactured using fresh raw material.




In paper bags or bulk flexi bags

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